Tuesday, 2 February 2010

To Top It All

Let me explain. I'm a photographer. But I'm not a happy one. Oh no.
I'm a frustrated one. The problem is, there are too many photographs
to take and not enough time! I'm such an obsessive perfectionist, when
I work on a photo it takes ages to actually get it out onto the
webosphere. Not only that, but I also felt I needed a new challenge. I
can take photos of Paris until the cows come home, and I probably
will, but I was looking for the 'next stage' of the journey, as it
were. And I've found it. Using that crappy little blackhead on the
back of my phone that pretends it's a camera lens, I'm going to take
loads of instant pictures of Paris an' stuff, play around with them a
bit there and then, add some pithy prose (yeah, I wish) and then post
it all over the web. How about that, eh..? Bet you can't wait, right?
So here we go. That was the pithy prose, by the way. I'll try to make
it pithier from here on...


Morna said...

Sab, this one is awesome : )

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi Morna, great to see the odd comment coming through on the older photo (all the way back in February, this one!) from time to time :-) Glad you like it.

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