Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Vache Rouge á la Vache Noire

A few years ago now, (were you here?) the whole of Paris was invaded
by the strangest herd of bovines you've ever seen. Sporting
psychedelic colours, snazzy windmill attachments or picnicking couples
perched on their rumps, the 'crazy cows', exposed during the mad cow
disease scare what's more, were the talk of the town, and a
photographer's delight.

Now our cud-chewing cousins have had their moment of glory and have
been put out to graze in less glamorous fields. Keep your eyes open as
you wander around suburban parks, squares and other public places. You
never know when you'll suddenly be confronted with a pair of those
mournfully reproachful eyes, like here, quite appropriately, at 'La
Vache Noire' (The Black Cow) shopping centre, just to the south of


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