Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Amis Chemin

Amis Chemin, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
Mis.tic is one of, if not the best known of the Paris street artists.
By street artist, i mean she literally paints the streets, or the
Walls at least, with her trademark little black numbered girl usually
accompanied by a slogan involving a play on words.

Here, 'nous resterons amis chemin' cleverly mixes 'we'll stay friends'
with 'half-way, neither here nor there' which is how a lot of
relationships are i guess.

The two passers-by who weirdly seem to sprout from the same trunk, are
my spontaneous attempt to add something original to the photo to
strengthen the artist's message.


René Delbar said...

This is a strong one, more than just a casual click!

One that makes you think as well! (and thanks for shortening the time it took me to figure out the word play...)

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks René. I didn't take long to take the shot, just a question of taking the few extra seconds for someone to pass (and not try to 'avoid' your shot) as well as trying to get them to add something to the shot. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't. I had another version of somebody's arm just leaving the shot which in a way was even more poignant but I had to choose and went with this one in the end.

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