Sunday, 14 February 2010

PIGS (4 big ones)

PIGS (4 big ones), originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
It's got to be the best acronym of the year: funny, mean, catchy and,
let's face it, rather apposite. Eat too much and you'll get fat,
diseased and dead, in roughly that order.

Europe grunts confronted with the 'PIGS' (Portugal, Italy, Greece and
Spain, the economic 'bad boys' of the euro zone) roughly reads the
headline. '20 minutes' is one of the ubiquitous free news papers you
find all over Paris and which make for some easy reading on many an
urban commute.

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Prissy Mag said...

Well said and well photgraphed! Does anyone actually buy a morning paper these days? This one's rather nice, ahem, free.

Sab said...

The whole business is in the process of transforming itself, with the wave of free papers which fund themselves with advertisting. It's an interesting time to be living in...

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