Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Space Between Us

Space Between Us, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
The public transport system of any big city is always a fascinating
place. We come into contact with so many other lives and histories,
just ever so briefly passing through other people's worlds, and then
we, or they, are gone, probably never to be seen again.

i can never decide if these fleeting encounters enrich me or make me
immeasurably sadder...

(Comments welcome)


René Delbar said...

So happy to discover this new blog of yours, Sab!

It seems that breaking free from the usual camera stuff (you know: menus, buttons, dials and such...) have sent your creative juices into overdrive. Me like beacoup!

(on the other hand: no more excuses left for me know to fall for the iTemptation as well...)

Paris Set Me Free said...

Yes, I held off for ages, but now the iPhone is part of my life (a dangerous part?!) and the phone is just a small part of that! Will we be seeing a 'back to basics' René iPhone photo blog in the near future?!!

Lori Heizer said...

I really like this shot. Having visited Paris a couple years ago and used the Metro faithfully. In 9days we only took a taxi twice. I look forward to following your photos/blog. Lori

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi, and thanks Lori! Yes, I'm a BIG fan of the Paris metro, and not always for the right reasons! (there's plenty of weird stuff to photograph down there, I can tell you, and not always pretty).

I'll forward to your comments too!

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