Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tall, Proud & Leaning My Way

Call yourself the 'Paris and I' iPhone photography blog and haven't
even got a picture of 'her' yet..? Pah! (i thought to myself) We'd
better change that!

To take an original photo of this Fucking Tower among towers is not
the easiest task, believe me. i talk from experience. Unfortunately,
she's the most fotographed fucking tower in the world. Luckily, i'm
the unique and only Me in the world, so i give it my best shit, i mean
shot. (gotta stop swearing)

So, here is my first official iPhone posting of she wot brought me
here (more or less it comes down to that) in the first place, and
we'll see where we go from here - standing tall so far...

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