Sunday, 11 July 2010

Misty Green And Blue

Misty Green And Blue, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.
Henri Skywalker... what the..? Oh, it's just the latest nutty artist
who has been allowed to have a bit of fun with a national landmark.

In this case it's the statue of Henri IV, aka 'Le Vert Galant', on the
Pont Neuf, which he helped construct during his reign.

The 'Galant Green One' was his nickname, apparently due to his
gentlemanly behaviour (at least in public) towards the ladies, as well
as a certain green tint due probably to doubtful substances he was
fond of imbibing.

And now, for a moment at least, he has regained something of his
former power, thanks to his funky blue light sabre and special
impenetrable light box! Darth Vader must be, well.., green with envy!

(A Paris iPhone street photograph by Sab Will for the 'Paris and I'
photo blog)

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