Tuesday, 3 August 2010

McMammoth Burgers Are Go

Great news for major munchers coming to you from Paris today!

Your favourite traditional Parisian burger bistrot, 'Dedonalde', the new majority shareholder of the Musée de l'Histoire Naturelle', proudly brings you a culinary first: the utterly exclusive and totally unique gustatory experience ~ The McMammoth Burger!

Along with the museum, the world's largest fastfood chain also obtained full exploitation rights to the ground-breaking 'Prehistoric In-vitro Genome Simulator' (PIGS).

This cutting edge technology has the potential to bring to life many of the mythical creatures of the past, thanks to heavy exploitation of the museum's superb source of dinosaur DNA from microscopic marrow tissue and cartilage samples discovered inside fossilised bones in their unmatched collection.

"We eventually hope to be able to introduce a whole new range of McDinoBurgers (R) including the McDiploBurger (R) for veges, the McPteroBurger (R) for when a terrible hunger strikes, and of course the incredible McTyrannoBurger (R) but i can't say any more right now - the details are still a bit wooly," joked a gleeful McManaging Director, Slay Croc, at a recent shareholders meeting.

"The potential is enormous," continued an energised Croc. "We eventually envisage opening an entirely new chain of McDinoDiners (R), a kids version called McDinoSnacks (R) and i hardly need to tell you what the potential for derivatives and spin-offs is!

"Of course, a lot still depends on finding secure breeding facilities, but with our increasing commitment to this country and its eleaders, i'm sure solutions will be forthcoming," he continued with a wink.

"The past is looking rosy folks," concluded a smiling, perspiring Croc.

(A Paris iPhone street photograph by Sab Will for the 'Paris and I' photo blog)

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