Sunday, 29 August 2010

Holey Stone, Factman!

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Holey Stone, Factman! ~

Holey Stone, Factman!, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

There aren't many more intriguing structures in Paris than the 'mire du sud' here in beautiful Parc Montsouris.

With its mysterious hollow circle at the top and the enigmatic removal of the name following the inscription 'in the reign of..' (not who you might think) this lump of stone has puzzled more than one.

The 'reign' was in fact that of Napoleon, who wasn't always the 'parfum du jour', and the hole was to help Observers from the Paris Observatory to, well, Observe Things.

What a lovely, important job that must have been; would have suited me down to a tittle.

(A Paris iPhone street photograph by Sab Will for the 'Paris and I' photo blog)

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