Monday, 18 October 2010

Paris and I ~ 'This Is A Tower'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ This Is A Tower ~

I've been told tha You said I use too many complica big words in my posts so I'm gonna make it very easy for you to underst type real slow.

This is a Tower. A Big Tower. It is in Eiffel. It really is A Very Big Tower. But not as big as the Very Bi The Very Big Tower in Las Vegas is bigger. This is a Copy.

This photo is Not Very Good. It is Crap. Artistic Crap. It is not very good becaus It is Fuzzy. Fuzzy and Crap.

This photo is Good. Very Good. It is Funny. Not Fuzzy. Only the Cat is Fuzzy! Hahaha. It really is a Very Funny Photo. Hahaha.

And it is Real! Yes, it is Real. I read saw it on a Blog. Incredible, isn't it? Wow! Hahaha.

You should use it on your Blog. Because it is Funny.

The next photos are Not Funny. They are Silly. The men are Tired. Why did you take pictures of Don't take pictures of Tired Men. It is Not Funny and one of the pictures is Dirty.

But they are Not Real.

Proper Blogs do not have Dirty Pictures. Paris is not Dirty. The Dirty Pictures are Not Real.

Do not use Dirty Pictures on your Blog.

Macaroons are Real. I love Macaroons! And Macaroons love Me. Hahaha. Here are some Funny Pictures of Macaroons. They are Very Good.

Look at the Lucky Girl with the Macaroons. She is Very Happy. Happy and Lucky.

Look at the Macaroons. They look like the Eiffe They are Macaroons. They are not the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is Brown! Hahaha! 

Here is a Fun Game. It's called Guess Who Likes Macaroons! It's Fun.

There are Two Pictures. One person Loves Macaroons. Which person? Click on the picture to see if you ar Click on the Picture.

Did you guess? Well done! It was Fun, wasn't it?

This is the Last Photo. It is Very Good. And Funny. It is Minnie Mouse. Minnie lives with Mickey Mouse. They live Together. They are Married.

Mickey and Minnie are from Disneyland. Paris is in Disneyland. Mickey and Minnie live in Paris in Disneyland.They are really fuc Very Happy. And Real. Disneyland is Real. Paris is in Disneyland.


(All photos © Sab Will 2010 for the 'Paris and I' photo blog, except the Very Good One with the Cat. The Good and Funny One.)


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Sab is the Eiffel Tower and he has been eating too many macarons! Sab is funny. I worry about Sab's mental health. (hehe)

Sab said...

Sab is losing the plot rapidly! I think you're right Genie - it MUST be the macaroons. I'll have to lay off them for a while, and get back to some more miserable mirky posts on my blog - see ya later!

Kit kat said...

I love the 'crap' fuzzy tower shot! I like the movement and the colours - there's a sense of energy....

Sab said...

My goodness, Kit Kat, you actually like that fuzzy nonsense?! Well well well, there's one born every day.. ;-)

The Armchair Parisian said...

Thanks for the laugh!!!! I loved this!

PJ Butterworth said...

as disturbed as I now feel and as worried about the state of my mental health i've got to say...
... I love this post made me giggle so much

sending much needed healing energy to Sab


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