Thursday, 4 November 2010

Paris and I ~ 'Damn Paris, And All Who Write In Her'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Damn Paris, & All Who Write In Her ~

i collect books on Paris. It's annoying. It's like an obsession. And there's worse. For every book i buy, two new ones come out. It's like a sick joke. It's like a curse. i'm doomed to failure. i'll never have them all. But i must have them all. i must! i have to have the best collection of books on Paris... in Paris!

But look. Here's a case in point. Yesterday i bought a book on Paris. A splendid book. A splendid Paris metro book. i was happy. For a while. For a while i was happy, and that while lasted precisely 17 hours and 47 minutes.

This morning i read a paper. i read the morning paper, and i was unhappy again. Two new books on Paris had come out. Two splendid books. Two splendid Paris metro books. i must have them. i must! i have to have the best collection of splendid Paris metro books... in Paris!

Tomorrow i'll buy those two splendid Paris metro books. And i'll be happy. i'll be happy for a while...

(A Paris iPhone street photograph by Sab Will for the 'Paris and I' photo blog)


Franki Goodwin said...

You wont thank me for this but there is ANOTHER MUST HAVE... ;)

Self published work of Poetry and Illustration about life on the wrong side of chic in Paris.. written in French and English so Mademoiselle London is your friend, your guide and a naughty language teacher!!


Paris Set Me Free said...

Gracias Franki with an 'i', as in 'Paris and i' which I, sorry, I mean 'i', oh dear... pleases me greatly :-)

I/i'll check out your stuff right now, and let you know how it goes.. Come back soon!

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

I just read Franki and Katya's book and I LOVED it. Just sayin'. I had a chance to meet Franki, and seriously, it is a really cool book.

I'll be doing a write up of it soon, too.

I used to be this way with books about China. When I finally got over the obsession and passed them onto another Sinophile (which is what they call China-lovers), I had over eight of those white banker's boxes like they sell in Office Depot full of books. It did not help that I worked at one of the best bookstores in Denver, and maybe the whole world, called the Tattered Cover while I was collecting. I got a discount which just fueled the obsession even more. Like putting a crack addict in a crack factory, at a discount, lol.

I have started a pretty good collection of books about France, too, and admit that I love to read about anything in France or Paris, pretty much, but never again will I be so addicted as to have so many books like I once had China books. I have had to move one too many times to *ever* get my collection so out of control again!

Good luck with your obsession, Sab! and get the Mademoiselle London one. It's good.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Well look, Karin, I'm feeling some pretty strong pressure to do so, and what I saw on their / her / its (?) site looked pretty cool and funny. But you know, I didn't know anything about them before they commented on this post. Where have I been? What have I been doing? Under what sheets have I been hiding my lowly head when I could have been out and possibly... 'meeting' these folks? So yep, I reckon I'll get hold of their book one way or another. Do you think if I started a review blog of books on France they'd send me one for free (hehe)?!

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