Friday, 26 November 2010

Paris and I ~ 'Don't Worry, Be Smiley'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Don't Worry, Be Smiley ~

Don't Worry, Be Smiley, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

One of the crossroads near where I live just outside Paris had a big plastic banner drapped around the safely railings the other day, saying: Road deaths in the district for 2009: 35; road deaths of two-wheeled vehicle riders: 18; Road deaths in the district so far for 2010: 28; road deaths of two-wheeled vehicle riders: 15.

Not much to smile about for motorcylsts in the Paris region then by the looks of things; over 50% of road deaths are motorbike and cycle riders.

Hence, perhaps, this guy's (or gal's) happy helmet. Laughing in the face of overwhelming odds? A devil-may-care attitude? A bumper-sized Christmas pack of smiley faces their kid didn't know what to do with and so decorated daddy's motorcycle helmet?

Who knows, but let's hope that in places like here, up in Montmartre, the traffic moves at a more leisurely pace, and that those horrendous statistics are less than in the outerlying area I mentioned above. Have a smiley, and positively death-free day.


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Rob said...

Sad about these tolls on your roads. Same allover. However, here in Minnesota, helmets are not required by law to be worn, except until the age of 18. Oddly enough, though, it is against our laws to not wear safety belts in our 4 wheeled vehicles. A rather odd twist in our legislation.

:) The helmet decoration is fun and whimsical, perhaps a person with a sense of humor and spreading the happiness?

Sab said...

Hi Rob, well, like other illicit pleasures, they must reckon that as an adult you have the right to die with your hair blowing in the breeze if you want to...

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