Monday, 29 November 2010

Paris and I ~ 'Look Behind The Facade'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Look Behind The Facade ~

Look Behind The Facade, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

If you're ever with any Parisian or tourist or you know a concière or you can just grab a closing door before it finally snaps shut, it's worth sneaking a look inside some of these bland-looking entrance halls you catch glimpses of as you walk through the streets of the city.

In this case, one of my photo tour clients, a lovely lady from Rhode Island, USA (hi Jane!) met me on a fresh October morning just outside her place on the rue Caulaincourt.

As we were chatting it came out that she wasn't staying in a hotel, but a private appartment, and that the courtyard was really quite interesting, and so it was!

This gorgeous Belle Epoque panel was in the entrance hall to quite a little complex of courtyards and hidden appartments you'd never suspect existed, all just next door to beautiful Montmartre itself. I think I've found the ideal location for my Paris pied-de-terre!

The panel was one of two, or possibly four, here showing a very summery scene, with the opposite one having an umbrellaed lady trudging through snow. I'm wondering if spring and autumn aren't too far somewhere.

There wasn't anyone around except Jane from Rhode Island who I'm afraid new about as much as I did, but investigation would suggest turn of the century 1900s, when the Art Nouveau movement was in full swing and dresses and accompanyiing patterns were getting all flowing and vegetal, although is it my imagination, or is there just a tiny hint of the Roaring Twenties to come (look: ankles!)..?


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The Armchair Parisian said...

Thanks for the peek ~ I've often wanted to see what was behind all those doors...knowing there are little pockets of "very interesting" :-)

Sab said...

Yes, there are indeed - lots of little hidden courtyards and secondary buildings which don't touch any road..
I was giving private lessons in an appartment in the 7th on the rue Saint Dominique I think it was, no, rue de Grenelle, and made it to a third courtyard if I remember correctly!

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