Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Paris and I ~ 'Oil Be Back'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Oil Be Back ~

Oil Be Back, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Ahh, the joys of autumn: the rich rich reds, the flaming oranges, the acidic yellows, the... rainbow coloured puddles of oil and petrol? What's going on?! This isn't what i call autumn!

i was fuming, i can tell you, when i saw that some ignoramus seemed to have dumped a few litres of what looked like very liquid black tar down the drain just outside my house on the very day i was moving. Result: we had to tramp through this gunk on every journey in and out of the house to the removal van. If i could have found the person who had done it, and right under our noses to boot, i'd have rubbed his grubby little nose in it, i can tell you.

When the woman came to sign the final purchase papers the floor was still caked in this filthy stuff and I nearly had a heart-attack thinking she was about to change her mind and i reckon only our angst-ridden protestations and outpourings of contrition and guilt prevented her from doing so.

The funny thing is, this nagging little thought started to bother me, and I decided to follow some of the traces of this disgusting black stuff up the road a bit. What I found was rather embarrassing.

In fact, in the process of emptying out the basement, i'd carefully placed a half-full tin of thick black oil-based paint, which i suppose had been used when we had the roof redone, next to the bin a few metres up the street. Someone, or the wind, had then knocked it over, whence it wended its merry way home (the gunk, not the pot) down the gentle slope and around the corner to our front door, cunningly camouflaged by the rain which was also falling at the time. Hey ho.
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(A Paris iPhone street photograph by Sab Will for the 'Paris and I' photo blog)


PJ Butterworth said...

talk about being redfaced - its just lucky you didnt go blaming anyone

always put a smile on my face - keep them coming


Sab said...

Thanks PJ - glad you approve :-)

Rob said...

Ah, the revenge of left over paint. It always has the last laugh.

Happy to see color here. Nothing but monochromatic snow, here.

Sab said...

You know what would make a STUNNING diptych Rob? This pic along with another one with the same leaves backed by snow! But it wasn't snowing at the time...

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