Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Paris and I ~ 'Shoe Horned In'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Shoe Horned In ~

Shoe Horned In, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

It's slightly difficult to make out here, but this little Parisian shoe repairer's shop reminds me of nothing more than a swift's nest, tucked away in the corner of some roof underneath the eaves and clinging on by the force of faith and saliva alone.

'Cobblers', you may be thinking, and that wouldn't be the first time someone has used that term to describe my writing. But here on rue Bobillot in the 13th you get the feeling that too strong a gust of wind and this frail shack would be dislodged from its humble nook and sent cavorting through the Butte aux Cailles like a piece of town-centre tumbleweed with bits of leather and anvils and Blakeys flying out in all directions.

Hazardous indeed for passers-by, so watch out for an eratically moving spikey red blur if you're ever in the Place d'Italie area on a blustery day.
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(A Paris iPhone street photograph by Sab Will for the 'Paris and I' photo blog)

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