Friday, 19 November 2010

Paris and I ~ 'Blow Job Blues'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Blow Job Blues ~

Blow Job Blues, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Brushes and brooms aren't used so much in autumn in Paris these days, although you do still see these fluorescent green plastic things which no self-respecting witch would be seen dead or alive on, but I'm getting swept off track.

In this city, blow jobs are the thing. With the same evil pleasure, i imagine, as a little boy (of 45 y.o. in my case) would get from being allowed to water the garden with a hose, instantly soaking the house, the occupants, innocent passers-by and the cat in the process, these brightly vestimented gardians of the gutter air-blast all fallen things in their path... out of their path. No mercy, nowhere to hide. So sorry about your erstwhile snow-white fake ermine-encaked booties, madame. But what's a little leaf fungus between friends? It is autumn and you were trotting down my trottoir, after all. You will be blown away by his efficiency.

What actually happens is that the leaves from all of Paris' famous tree-lined avenues are blorganised into neat heaps at the side of the boulevard. Luckily, the leaf-blower's job is all the easier as trees in Paris and their leaves of course are, as we all know, perfectly square. This allows efficient stacking into cute little cubes which wait patiently to be fork-lifted off to a perfect little square-leafed heaven somewhere.

As a curious aside, the last time i used the word 'blow' in a post i got ten times more viewers than usual. There must be a lot of wind phenomenon enthusiasts out there or something. Will i be blown down again by more hits from meteorological freaks, I wonder.

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(A Paris iPhone street photograph by Sab Will for the 'Paris and I' photo blog)


Rob said...

I must admit I was caught off guard by your choice of title.

I can assume that each autumn, the shrill tone of multiple leaf blowers can be heard far and wide throughout Paris. I wondered about the squared off trees. Now it has become clear as compared to the squareness of the trucks used to deliver the cubed leaf piles.

Sab said...

Ahh, you wouldn't be the first Rob ;-)

I see you've understood exactly how it works here in Paris. Quite a square little town really, when all's said and done :-D

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