Thursday, 25 November 2010

Paris and I ~ 'Scratching a Living'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Scratching A Living ~

Scratching a Living, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

We spend so much of our lives windowgazing into other worlds, i sometimes wonder which one is mine and which is fiction.

You're looking at your screen; so is she, I'm somewhere in between. My train'll pull out, or is it the station that leaves, and I'm just standing still, here at the centre of my life, making the world spin below me as I walk?

Someone once stood, where i am now, scratching a life into the protective coating of the carriage window, messing up my view with some scrappy reminder of theirs. I wonder if it's clearer now.


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Rob said...

And here I sit with cup of French roast in hand staring through the magic of cyberspace, past you and the window of scratches. To ponder which Metro stop this is and where not only she is going, but where your destination shall be is my trip down memory lane. Perhaps it is the stop at Tuileries, I loved the voice that announced this stop.

Are we voyeurs or participants in the grand movie of life where we are all actors and viewers?

Sab said...

Oh, darn it, I can't remember which station it was!

I don't think it's Tuileries tho' Rob, because I don't think they have this double see-through dividing tunnel wall do they? That would be line 1. But then if you look at those yellow lines on the platform, they indicate where there was once some experimental sliding platform doors, which makes me think of Invalides at one point, or the automatic line 14, but this wasn't line 14, I'm sure of it. That's annoying!

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