Thursday, 9 December 2010

Paris and I ~ 'Back To The River'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Back To The River ~

Back To The River, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Am i allowed to be reminded of my own poems? i suppose that's ok isn't it?

Oh, well i've discovered two. One's about a river, but i won't put that here coz it's a bit gloomy. But then there's another one which literally was about this place in Paris, this place in the photo, as you'll find out below (click the title for more info).

I lived on a barge on the Seine for a year once, out in a sleepy backwater in a place called Port Marly, which is near Saint-Germain-en-Laye, and had to commute into Paris every day on the RER line A. I sometimes think back to that time now... it was a time of incertitude and change...

Hazy Sunday, friendly funday
Lazy chats and who needs Monday?

A favourite place, a cheerful face
A glowing sun and a carefree pace

Lock that heaves 'midst Autumn leaves
We heal the world in woolly sleeves

With hands thrust deep we walk and weep
And talk of things we two shall keep

No need to touch, our words say much
A love for life and friends and such

The breeze it licks while distant ticks
A timepiece as at life it picks

Memories call, reflections fall
Beneath the surface feelings sprawl

We laugh and smile, we gently rile
Our heads we turn and pause awhile

Now chills set in, goosepimply skin
The café nears, we glance and grin

© 2010
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Rob said...

Quite a lovely poem.

Sab said...

That's kind of you, thanks Rob. It's over ten years old now. The waters move on..

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