Thursday, 23 December 2010

Paris and I ~ 'I Kid You Not'

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~ I Kid You Not ~

I Kid You Not, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Should society be more equal? Maybe. Oh, the guy's sign says "C'est vraiment pour manger" by the way. It's really for food.

Anyway. It's snowing like crazy, as much as snow can be like crazy. It's freezing cold. It's dark and the cars are creeping and crawling and polluting along. People are tired, hungry and frustrated. They'll all be a bit late home to their nice comfortable warm homes this evening. And then there's this guy.

He hasn't got a car or a nice warm home to go to in it. His home is a few metres away under a bridge of the Paris ringroad. His presence disturbs us somewhat.

We know it's not right, but we're not quite sure how it's not right. For the vast majority it's not quite 'unright' enough to get out of the car, grab his sign, give him our car and house keys along with the address and wish him 'bon voyage and kiss my wife'.

Slightly less extremely, his situation also doesn't seem unfair enough to go to the hassle of looking for a coin, winding the window down and giving it to him with a rueful smile.

Indeed, for the vast majority his situation isn't bad enough to do anything at all. Most people are probably just grateful if he doesn't scratch the car.

But if it's not worth doing ANYTHING, why do we still feel that undeniable pang of guilty panic when he (or she) approaches the car? Why even bother with that?

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Marilyn said...

If he is standing where I think he is standing, then he's been standing there for a long time already. If you want to see real misery go to Metro Line 7's platform at Place d'Italie.

Sab said...

Will do.

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