Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Paris and I ~ 'Nowt So Queer As'

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~ Nowt So Queer As ~

Nowt So Queer As, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Now maybe it's me, and I'm quite ready to admit it is, quite ready, but given the choice, I don't think that I, and again this is an ENTIRELY personal thing, I don't think that I, as a soon-to-be middle aged man in today's society, would get up in the morning, powder my face white, wrap a sheet around my body and a towel around my head, and plonk myself on an artificial plastic plinth in an area overrun with grinning tourists, so that obnoxious kids can come and have their pictures taken sticking their tongues out at me whilst I sit there motionless for hours clutching a couple of dead roses with my eyes closed.

There's a surprising number of street artists doing their thing in Paris, from the above 'non-thing' to dressing up as an olden-days accordianist, not forgetting the headless accordianist of course, playing lone saxophone on the Pont au Double, creating incredible aerosol planetscapes on the ground in Rue de la Huchette, hypnotically balancing glass globes next to the Palais Royal, creating man-sized bubbles outside the Louvre or whatever. The list goes on, and the old expression, 'There's nowt so queer as folk' springs to mind.

The weirdness is not quite as concentrated as on Las Ramblas in Barcelona, for example, but there's still plenty of it around if you keep your eyes open.

I've even heard it said that there's a guy who wanders all over Paris come rain or shine, day and night, year after year, who compulsively touches a mysterious black box to his head as he walks and immediately looks at it as though it's just extracted his innermost thoughts and wants to see what they look like. As I said, there's nowt so queer as folk.


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The Armchair Parisian said...

I wonder if they have a "Queer Street Folks" club... I remember during one trip with my mother there was one of these outside the D'Orsay. She kept trying to take his photo and he kept moving so that he was hiding his face every time she tried. It was kind of fun watching her get frustrated over this, so I relented and finally walked over and threw a Euro in his box and voila! he let her take his picture.

Sab said...

Yes, I was being a bit mean to this guy, he did come out with some funny expressions from time to time (money induced) but still. Literally STILL all that time. Good for him.

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