Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Paris and I ~ 'Schnapps Shtorm-a-Comin''

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~ Schnapps Shtorm-a-Comin' ~

OK, OK, i know. Kitsch, kitsch, and more schmaltzy Paris kitsch. But well, y'know, there are some blogs out there where all they ever post is kitsch, so consider yourselves lucky it's not every day (or unlucky it isn't, if that's your trip) and don't worry, i've got some real grim stuff coming real soon...

But i must say it's impressive... So i will. It's IMPRESSIVE looking up at the Galeries Lafayette's enormous dangling Christmas cone thang (you can't quite call it a 'tree', to be brutally honest), surrounded by all those sumptuous balconies, heaving with people.

But that's enough about the sales assistants. i don't quite think it'll be the last of the seasonal snaps though (oops, i almost typed 'schnapps' - must be hallucinating). i went out, finally, in the freezing cold yesterday to get some wintery snaps so get your mitts and mufflers on and hold on to your hats; there's a slow showy snow-snap schnapps storm a-comin'. Say that quickly three times to my face and i'll buy you a bottle of schnapps the very next day, i prommisch ;-S

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