Sunday, 12 December 2010

Paris and I ~ 'Shooting The Breeze'

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~ Shooting The Breeze ~

Shooting The Breeze, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

If there's one thing you can't blame the French for it's hiding their light under a bushel. If they think they are the best they will tell you so. They will also tell you when they think something is crap or someone is wrong too. This is fine.

But i've always smiled when i've come across someone who is known, officially, as in job title, as an 'expert something-or-other'. Seems a bit rich if you ask me.

Well OK, no doubt they've studied for half their sad, booky little lives to get there, but it's just the in-yer-face arrogance of the expression. 'I'm an expert, me, how about you?'

And it's not even meant that way; it just means you've earned a certain qualification i believe. But i have this in-built aversion to people who think they know things (especially more than me) and have chosen a profession where they are officially permitted to rub that fact in every time they tell you what they do. Admittedly, your average 'Expert Contable' or ingénieur or whatever is a perfectly normal, unassuming person. There's just something that makes me wanna say, 'OK then mister expert... if you're so expert why did you completely screw up my company's accounts and my girlfriend had to show you where the problem was?

Oh well, if you do happen to be kicking around French intelligencia from time to time you'll probably find yourself up against quite a lot of egg spurts of one sort or another, so probably best to keep your head down, nod sagely, and hey, why not make up a job title with 'expert' in it of your own. I mean, if you don't tell 'em, how are they gonna know, right? ~ Sab Will, Expert Fabulateur, B.Sh (Hons)

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