Friday, 10 December 2010

Paris and I ~ 'Take Me Back 'Ome'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Take Me Back 'Ome ~

Take Me Back 'Ome, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Here I am in London as I read about the worst snow in however many years hitting the French capital. All those cute pictures of the Eiffel Tower I could be taking; all those snow-covered statues and slushy Parisian sidewalks waiting to be snapped.

Oh well, this is the best I can do, seeing as the photos on this blog MUST be taken exclusively using my iPhone. The above picture was taken exclusively using my iPhone. And yet, through the miracles of modern electronics I offer you a chilly blue Parisian snow scene, a festive London bus, a city name drop, a Scots-inspired Paris icon and an inordanate amount of red for your eyetime. Oh, not forgetting a shadowy reflection of your diligent city snapper into the bargain. If I'd moved slightly to the right you'd have had my dad munching on his midday toast but I've spared us all that unnecessary intrusion.

By the way, reflective as I am.. ;-) , I've been wondering what I could do over the next twelve months with the aim of publishing a 365 page book in a year's time. It'll be 'My Paris Book', and it'll be based on my photos and vignettes, just like this one, but I'm thinking maybe it should be a bit more focused somehow. Like having a coherent theme, for example.

You know what, if you have any ideas for this project which could pull it together and give more of an official and eventually marketable slant to it i'd love to hear them. You'll be able to track my daily progress throughout next year, won't that be exciting? and be namechecked at the end of it all. What do you think? Something a bit different; a bit challenging; something that will capture the public's imagination; something a publisher might want to publish; something funny; something original; something me.

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Marilyn said...

Don't ever ask me to give you an idea for a book - because I've got so many they are coming out my ears.

The Armchair Parisian said...

You just don't want to go outside and get your nose cold :-)

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