Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Paris and I ~ 'What Are You Stairing At?'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ What Are You Stairing At? ~

It's well worth looking up, or indeed down, as you wander around Paris. Actually, before i took this shot i was looking up, which was nice, and i then wondered what it would be like looking down, and it was even nicer, et voilĂ  the result.

This shot looks like it's in someone's private hallway, and I think it is, but only semi-private, because if you're part of the Galerie Vivienne and the door to you stairwell is permanently open there must be a reason, right? For stupid photographers like me to come in and start snapping away like they haven't seen a bunch of stairs before.

They must be pretty used to it though, because not one of the actual residents who came in or out, or were they clients, actually stopped or looked disapprovingly or asked me what I was doing or said "It's a staircase - a stoopid staircase - why are you taking pictures of a stoopid staircase?"

Maybe photographing stupid staircases is back in fashion with a vengeance.

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