Thursday, 27 January 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Are You Sitting Comfortably..?'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Are You Sitting Comfortably..? ~

I watched a guy on the platform at St. Michel the other day systematically and deliberately emptying his pockets of an eye-popping array of personal effects and dumping them on the ground. He then proceeded to swear, cuss and scream at them, and at anyone within earshot who cared to listen, for that matter.

Drunks falling down, or struggling to stand, or simply not struggling at all are everywhere. And I should know; I've been there. Everywhere, I mean.

Arguments and mini-dramas are acted out on the station sidewaits day after day for our unwilling consternation. Telephones are wailed at, arms are gesticulated, faces are twisted and chests are backhand-slapped.

Feet are crushed, nipples are sucked, battered instruments are bashed and weary ears are twisted, pockets are plunged and wrong-doers wrung (occasionally)... Need I go on? We all have our stories. These guys have theirs, I have mine. What's yours?

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