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Paris and I ~ 'Re-read It And Weep'

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~ Re-read It And Weep ~

Re-read It And Weep
Re-read It And Weep, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Times are tough in the concrete jungle. Although, awaiting patiently next to a neighbourhood 'textiles recycling bin', there may be a second life of sorts, even as pillow stuffing, for this once-magnificent and doubtlessly much-loved creature.

Sad as this image may seem, I suppose it's quite positive really. Where I live, to the south of Paris, we all have four bins, no less, into which we have to categorise our leftovers, remains and unwanted items, if we can remember which bin is for which, and when exactly we have to leave them out.

There's a big green one, for example, called the brown one, for general non-recyclable crap. Then there's a big green yellow-topped one for packaging and cans and tins and the like. There's a small blue-lidded one for paper (we keep it right under the letterbox for supermarket prospectuses to descend straight into without passing GO or picking up €200 - a shocking waste of paper) and another small green one for glass.

A huge spreadsheet is supplied by the local 'mairie' telling us what the collection schedule is. And that's not to mention the special days, arrangements and containers of various shapes and species for garden waste, 'les encombrants' (big stuff like fridges and cupboards), oversized items, batteries and oil, heavy cardboard boxes such as those used when moving - we've got a ton - and the aforementioned old clothes and, of course, unwanted tigers and assorted cuddly wildlife.

Come to think about it, there's even a special place for recycling live animals whose novelty has worn off after Christmas, as an alternative to letting them discover the delights of motorway living whilst on holiday, which seems to be a national pastime here in France, if Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) posters are to be believed.

Hey, I wonder if there's a place where expat Paris bloggers can deposit their old postings on stuff like 'the city's best hot chocolate' and the Galerie Lafayette's latest Christmas decorations and exciting Eiffel Tower / Notre Dame picture series and O.M.G. to-die-for macaroon outlets, which could then be picked up and endlessly recycled by other Expat Paris bloggers. I bet there is, you know, I bet there is ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sab, I am sorry you did not like my post on the Galaries Lafayette Christmas window displays... but I will at leant not be throwing it away to rot in a trash heap... I will be inviting people to come back again and again, to peek at my lovely pictures on it! I am sure you will be much relieved. ;-)))
(PS: is my post on cane/umbrella fashion ok by your standards???)
PPS: you know I'm just poking fun right?!?
PPPS : It's all about the balance between frivolous and serious...both are necessary!

Sab said...

Hi Melissa :-)
Actually I'm poking fun at myself as much as anything; looking back I realised I'd done a clichéd Galeries Lafayette dome pic (although that was for a newspaper), a mega-clichéd Notre Dame with Xmas tree pic (no excuses for that one) and certainly plan on doing one on Angelina's shortly! My daughter's called Angelina :-)
Keep recycling! ~Sab

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