Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Shellfish Serenade'

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~ Shellfish Serenade ~

Shellfish Serenade, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Just your average Saturday morning, up in downtown Montmartre, I guess. I really do think, the more I do think about it, that rue Lepic would be a pretty cool place to live.

On this particular day I'd just taken in street artist Miss.Tic's latest exhibition at Galerie W, when I heard the unmistakable rat-ta-ta-tat, and feline torture drones and squeals of a genuine pipe band. And as a true-born Scot, that always raises the hairs on your neck, I can tell you.

Except that it wasn't Scottish, but our Breton cousins, who have added the odd tuba and other twisted noise-makers here and there and were making a splendid racket celebrating, or 'promoting' to be honest' the so-called 'FĂȘte de la Coquille Saint-Jacques'.

The main aim of this event, however worthy at the outset, seems to be to flog vast amounts of shellfish. The coquille Saint-Jacques can be quite tasty in a slightly stomach-unnerving way, but personally I'd just take the pipes and drums and run. Or do the running first if animal cruelty's not you bag.

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