Monday, 17 January 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Shurely Shome Miss.Tic?'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Shurely Shome Miss.Tic? ~

Shurely Some Miss.Tic?, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Shurely Shome Miss.Tic?

Meet you on the streets
Whère mystic mavens cloak the walls
In weathered blisters
Barely whisper-thick

'C'est la vie, ça va passer'

The truth is it already has
Not yet begun
She's got à gun

'Mieux que rien, c'est pas assez'

She has à way
With à paint çan spray
A girl with balls and handcuff scars
Like chipped plaster on à pale façade

'L'absence est une drogue dure'

One thing's for sure
Her footsteps rarely ècho now
But tricky traces rest
'I want my words to deafen your eyes'
She wrote, and left it thère
On à virgin wall in Paris
Love, her çountry pure

'A la vie, A l'amor'

© 2011
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