Monday, 14 February 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Blame It On My Wobbly Old Heart'

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~ Blame It On My Wobbly Old Heart ~

Ahhh, Valentine's Day. Don't you just love it?

Greetings card vendors scrambling over flower sellers to beat the chocolate companies and dinner-cruise promotors in the race to the key which will unlock your wallet's overflowing heart.

I'm only a day late in posting this message, but at least that gives me the chance to comment on all the on-time, on-message, oh-so-topical other posts out there. Did you notice, perchance, an unmistakable bulging of your inbox of the somewhat rosy variety yesterday? Me yes. And it wasn't particularly lovely to behold I'm afraid.

There were two types, if I've read them right. There were those trying to sell you something vaguely linked to a possible romantic outpouring of emotion and euros. And there were those who jumped on the usual bandwagon with cheesy pictures of anything heart-shaped they could possibly lay their mouse's (probably heart-shaped) pointer on, and those who did manage some original content don't seem to have made it further than the local cake shop's window display.

The most eye-wateringly unoriginal message I got yesterday from one of the endless list of Paris 'newsletters' I get and was entitled - get this - "The City of Love and Light". Wahey! A lot of effort went into that one, didn't it?!

Other desperate attempts include the wishy-washy "Paris Loves You", the utterly unoriginal "I Love Paris In The Springtime" (which it isn't), and the totally uninspired "Happy Valentine's Day". Yeah, right.

Slightly more inventive was "Today, there's a certain something in the air", and the link to the envigorating "" (I kill my wife) website which someone sent me. Awesome!

I won't mention anyone I'm in direct contact with so as not to get in too much trouble, but I know you all did what you thought best guys. Good on you.

In the end you can call me an incorrigibly cynical unromantic, but this wouldn't be accurate. I'm just... a late developper. Anyone who knows me will tell you that. Please hit them for me. Thank you.

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