Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Carriage Short of a Full Train'

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~ Carriage Short of a Full Train ~

Some people think that 'Trains courts' means "Short trains", or even "Trenes cortos", but that's only half the story.

What 'Trains courts' it really means is "Trains, run!", which is what you have to do like hell when you discover that there are only four carriages and not the usual eight, and that you're standing right at the very wrong end of a laughably long platform.

Optimal route planning on the Paris public transport system should really be one of the famous French fine arts, up there with the thesps and the Rodins and the Cordon Bleus of this world.

An annual contest should be held, where competing teams (for charity, of course) have to visit a certain number of railway stations and return to the starting point in the shortest possible time. The only rules are no 'Train, cours !' (no running, on honour) and you need to have photographic proof of your entire team's presence at each point, on a single memory card.

Conjures up images of Jules Verne, doesn't it? Team members would have to agree on the optimal route, navigate skilfully around the tortuous corridors and stairways of the likes of Les Halles and Saint Lazare, and of course suffer setbacks like cancelled trains, tantrums and cockups. And each team should sport official team colours or silly outfit, if course. Heck, it sounds so much fun, I think I'll organise it myself!

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