Friday, 11 February 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Dream Steeler'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Dream Steeler ~

Dream Steeler, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

This image, from a sleepy Paris side street in the 14th, evokes two or three subcultures in my mind, each vying for the upper hand.

In contemplating the name of this store, RĂȘves d'Acier' (Dreams of Steel), images of one of my favourite metal bands from yesteryear, Judas Priest, surge forth along with some of the great album and song titles they were so fond of, like 'British Steel', 'Metal Gods' and 'Steeler'. Saxon's 'Wheels of Steel' came a poor second in my book, but I digress...

Then there are the 'boys who never wanted to grow up', who wish their last game of cowboys and Indians had never ended and who amuse themselves by dressing up as Lancelot or Robin Hood and staging mock battles in full fighting regalia (and green tights).

And finally there are the computer bods who get deeply involved in 'Dungeon & Dragon'-type games (at least they used to be called that) with elaborate rules and complicated strategies and sometimes get so attached to their character that if they are killed their whole world collapses.

I readily admit to having been heavily into the metal side of things, and am a little sad I never had the time to get into some of the amazing computer and board games there are out there.

As for the dressing up bunch, fun as it no doubt must be, I think I will, with a certain regret, leave that to the boys.

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