Thursday, 10 February 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Funny Bones & Other Humours'

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~ Funny Bones & Other Humours ~

Funny Bones & Other Humours

One of the funniest things about the human race must be the extraordinary lengths they go to to invent more and more effective ways of annihilating each other, having come to some form of agreement beforehand as to which members of their own species should, in fact, be annihilated of course, only to dump them in special dead people places and go and get all bleary-eyed about the whole affair.

The folly of it all is sometimes hard to comprehend. 'Go figure' as one of my favourite American expressions says. Until we remember that there's actually nothing to comprehend. Life's funny, that's all. So get on with it. Makes me think of those atheist 'ads' on the sides of buses in Britain last year, did you hear about them, proclaiming loudly that 'There probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.'

Even that's hilarious. Imagine spending thousand of pounds on ads telling people not to believe in something. It sounds ridiculous, doesn't it, until we recall that endless millions are spent in convincing people to believe in whatever it is they consider worth spending endless millions on. Can you imagine ants doing that? Someone clever will no doubt tell me that actually they do. Pre-emptive strike.

Down in the Paris Catacombs, there's plenty of visual food for thought; six million Parisians, doubtless dead from countless causes, brought together by chance to spend a few short years in this crazy space. Countless thousands of not-yet-dead (pay to) contemplate their forebears and future bedrockfellows with greater or lesser degrees of reluctant reverence. That's funny too. Funny ha-ha and funny peculiar, just like life.

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Mariln said...

Have we solved the problem now of what to do with those who have set off for soul land? I've got cremation in mind.

Marilyn said...

Early in the morning, so I've not yet worked out how to spell my name - Marilyn ...

Sab said...

I was going to go for cremation, but then I realised that there's be nowhere to put the amazing interwoven cube sculpture I'm thinking of for my little corner of the future world-without-me. Hmm, dilemma...

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