Friday, 28 January 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Give The Walls The Floor!'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Give The Walls The Floor! ~

I'm very fond of the pasted-on woman, or women, who grace the 'I Love You' wall up high, just behind the Abbesses metro station.

She's seduced me, she's peeled for me, she's made herself brand new for me, over the months and through the falling leaves and budding twigs as the seasons trundle on.

This is not her, obviously, but it bears the same signature, a certain Rue Meurt D'Art, a Paris street artist who wants to 'Give the walls the floor!' (Les murs ont la parole) as it were. Write on!

I like his stuff, a kind of masculine replique to Miss.Tic, with his enigmatic famous personages and poetic speech bubble aphorisms.

I'm always pleased when I discover a new piece. Keep your eyes open for me, and let me know if you hear one!

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