Sunday, 6 February 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Hound of the Bellevilles'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Hound of the Bellevilles ~

No wonder he's looking out of sorts. Painted on a shop front's rolling fortifications with more undulations than Belleville itself, you too would be feeling a bit dog-eared to say the least.

I'm in the process of (re)discovering this intriguing part of the city - the 20th arrondissement to be precise - and there seems to be no end of surprises in store the more I wander around.

Makes me start wondering if this wouldn't be an interesting location for my future, as yet imaginary, Paris painter's pad. There are certainly plenty of artists around here, and plenty of evidence of artistic goings-on in the streets themselves too.

Indeed, I actually took part in a collage sauvage this weekend, if you can figue out what that might involve. Collage means 'sticking' and sauvage means... well, you work it out.

So I'll leave you, stuck on Belleville, and preparing a few more snapshots of this crazy quartier before moving on to the 19th in a couple of weeks. I did tell you I'm doing them all, didn't I?

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