Friday, 18 February 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Hug An Anhedonist Day'

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~ Hug An Anhedonist Day ~

Hug An Anhedonist Day, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

I've just discovered there's such a thing as an 'anhedonist', and I wanna be one / have one. Sounds a scream, doesn't it?

No, it sounds scary. Unimaginable. Sad. ly.

I actually found it in a rather pooh-, sorry I mean po-faced description of Eeyore on the new kinda-bring-everything-together site through a robot woman, called Qwiki (the site, not the woman - she's called Suki, probably).

I dunno. Is Eeyore an anhedonist, or just a pessimist or a misery-guts, and what's the difference?

I was chatting to a friend, a Dane, who was comparing a little skiing town to life in the Big P, and he wasn't impressed by the miserable attitude of most Parisians as he perceived it. People totally stressed out, having a fit if they can't squeeze into the last centimetre-cubed of metro carriage space in order to gain a precious minute and a half of some other aspect of their lives at the cost of a sardine sandwich for 300.

Looking around I do see potential anhedonists as I drift through the city, but on the whole I'm not pessimistic myself about things. I know it's all temporary, all the moods, the situations, the wild walkway rides, the moving ons, the staying the sames.

There are plenty of good people out there, and you're probably one of them, so if you do see a closet fun-lover, give them a hug today. You never know - they might just thank you for it!

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Rob said...

I have always wondered about Eeyore's less than sunny disposition. How can anyone exceed at so much misery?

You touched on the answer; anhedonist must be the answer. But I give you further evidence. Eeyore's tail is attached to his backside by a tack or nail. I am also quite certain Eeyore was the original model for the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey.

Simply put, if one has to trudge through life with a nail stuck in one's backside, they too would be quite a pessimist.

Hugs all around!

Sab said...

Hi Rob, I think you're probably right about the nail issue - well spotted. Mind you, it's not referred to in the story, strangely enough, and some sort of 'happiness', if that's the right word, seems to be the result of his lost tail's recuperation. Maybe he actually likes that nail after all... curiouser and curiouser. Hmmm...

Rob said...

I never thought of it that way, Eeyore enjoying the nail to cause his unhappiness. Personally, I'd find a nail in my backside a pain in the ars.

Like our favorite pessimist Eeyore, urbanites enjoy their apparent unhappiness. The chaos, excitement and harried pace makes them stressed and miserable, yet they enjoy living in their urban center. Perhaps our fellow urbanites have a proverbial pain in the ass that makes them content.

Sab said...

Some people actually like being miserable so they have something to complain about. The only problem being they don't tend to be considered much good as friends. We all love poor old Eeyore though, of course.

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