Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Into The Arena'

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~ Into The Arena ~

Into The Arena, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Here is the recently discovered and renovated Roman amphitheatre discovered under the Gare Saint-Lazare looking splendid in its new furs and finery.

Incredible to think they were feeding Christians to the lions on this very spot just two short millennia ago.

Now we all get swallowed up every day by this gaping mouth of movement and morosity - it's not often you see a smiling face here as searching eyes stab out from the gapped teeth columns, desperately, pitifully looking for a sign, any sign, to help them work out how the hell they're supposed to get to line 14 form here in two minutes flat.

Them Saint-Lazare corridors, Jeez, let me tell ya, some of them ain't taking no prisoners; there's one particular change, I can't quite remember which it is, where you feel like you're walking for hours just to get from one line to another on platforms which are, nominally and apocryphally the same. Hypocrits.

They might not still be throwing innocent victims to the mercy of their feline friends, but sometimes it seems like there's really no way out of these labyrinths. Wave if you see Caesar.

What's your favourite Parisian metro challenge?

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Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

You have a treasure of information about the stations and the Métro... perhaps you should consider the book... I knew nothing of this.

Favorite Métro challenge? Well for one who only visits, I think that it is the challenge of selecting the exact "exit" out of St. Michel-Notre Dame (RER B and Metro) on the way from CDG to get the closest to Place Maubert. When you get it right, it is just a short distance to walk dragging a rollerboard and no transfers necessary.

Sab said...

Hi Genie - I hope you didn't take my 'used to be a Roman amphitheatre' comment seriously - that was a joke :-D

I mean, there is one in Paris... but this ain't it!

You're right that Saint-Michel can be a challenge - I'm ok now having used it so often, but some weird situations can still occur, like ending up in front of Notre Dame when you wanted to be up by the Sorbonne, I grant you ;-D

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