Monday, 31 January 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Living On Borrowed Grime'

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~ Living On Borrowed Grime ~

Cider with Rosie? Yes, almost maybe. Except we're not in a little post-WW1 English village but an anachronistic Parisian enclave perched on a pile of rubble accessible by long steep staircases.

OK, it's no longer rubble, but a hundred years ago we were talking a massive gypsum quarry, which was conveniently filled in with the remains of Haussmann's demolitions to create the avenues of the Republic and Gambetta.

Funnily enough, the houses with their little gardens in the now exclusive and highly sought after 'Countryside in Paris' were originally constructed as easily affordable accommodation for modest incomes.

These properties now come on the market so rarely it's a major event in the Paris housing world, with old fortunes and new money alike scrabbling for the opportunity to own a little slice of bucolic heaven in the self-proclaimed City of Light. On top of a rubble heap.

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Marilyn said...

How lovely this house looks.

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