Monday, 7 February 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Less Rabbit Than Sainsbury's'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Less Rabbit Than Sainbury's ~

Hello. Latest Nutter Watch Report coming to you here from Paris. Line of eastern-looking men dressed in yellow and orange hold a representation of a large worm with a fierce head, also yellow and orange, up in the air with sticks.

Further flocks of people line the streets looking more at the worm than its supporters, although they seem to be supporting the event too, to some extent.

Some run alongside the worm as it is carried along the Boulevard de Belleville, as though they are expecting something to happen. Unless I missed it, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Apart from the worm itself, of course.

These eastern men are happy, because it is their New Year, which this time, for them, is intimately linked to bunnies. Yes, rabbits. So they screwed up royally on the worm front then.

Couldn't they have borrowed a giant Bugs Bunny or something from Disney, or was that Warner Brothers? Well what about the Mad March Hare or Rabbit and his Friends and Relations? Didn't Winnie The Pooh and Alice get Mickimised a while back?

Oh well, I'll probably never get to the bottom of the Mystery of the Worm and the Missing New Year Rabb... HEY! Wait a carrot nibblin' minute! Look closely at the wily creature's body, for crying out loud - the answer's staring us right in the neck... oh Woe of Woes... the Wicked Worm has GOBBLED UP the Bonnie New Year Bunny!

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