Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Questions of Love and Death'

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~ Questions of Love and Death ~

I asked the hispanophone next to me the most important concept in life, having my little idea as to what she would say. Of course I was wrong, but at least now I have something to write about.

She said 'paix, and then 'dieu', and then 'moi' with a laugh, but didn't spontaneously come up with Miss.Tic's punningly aphoristic 'A la vie, A l'amor, despite the second bit being in Spanish.

Apparently her answer had been greatly influenced by the news recently which, oh surprise surprise, is all about war after uprising after suicide bombing after revolution and on and on.

Give me some happy news, for crying out loud, I hear you shout. But it's not that easy. The fun film I saw this evening had crusaders murdering thousands of infidels and a few wicked witches thrown in (the river after being hanged) for good measure.

On leaving the cinema we had to negotiate about 50 boozed-up Friday night homeless sheltering from the cold. And not forgetting that my little one fell off a toy pushchair of all things today, whacked his nose on a metal bar, and now has a bruise across his face Rocky would be proud of.

But then again, I got good feedback from some training I did last week, managed to get my son and daughter together on Skype, met two wonderfully kooky girls and got some great pics of them, finished a couple of solid articles, got up to date with my Paris photos, published a couple of video tutorials, sent off some calendars, watched blue-tits feeding in the garden, got some good new shots of the city, listened to a lot of good music, wrote a ton of e-mails and ate some delicious roast chicken Wednesday, I think it was, with tasty potatoes to go with. I'm not complaining.

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Anonymous said...

I hope your son's face heals quick. You'll have some explaining to do to the school teacher!
I find this post interesting how it goes from a sort of introspective view on life an death, and then veers into a list of the number of daily to-do-list types of things you were able to accomplish... So is that what life is Sab? A to-do list that needs to get checked off and then we die? I say no! Let's start a revolution! That'll give us some blogging content!!! ;-)))

Sab said...

"That'll give us some blogging content.."

Hmm, sounds like a great new 'cuss' word if you ask me. I can just hear it now:

"Blog you, asshole!"
"Blogged if I will!"
"Well blog me.."

As to your more serious(ish) question about 'to-do lists and then we die', well, what the blog do I know?!! ;-D

But I must admit I am, in principle, a real fan of to-do lists. Actually I spend some time writing some rather beautiful ones each January. I sometimes even put off actual entries on them to write an even better to-do list which has just occurred to me...

But you know what I'm really a fan of? Actually doing things. I love people who are being written about by others because they have done something worth writing about. And I want to be one of those people!

I appreciate anyone who is creating in any way, and I want to be one of those people too!

I also appreciate people who are writing about others, or even about themselves, and then putting it out there, because then we can appreciate that too.

The big danger, I believe, is when ALL we do is appreciate others, through the appreciations of others and then we just vegetate. I don't want to judge anyone or criticise anyone's lifestyle choices or even unfortunate circumstances which prevent them from being as creative as they would like - certainly not.

And then again, some people are very creative, but the value of their creations sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. But as long as their hearts were in the right place and they gave something of themselves then I think they should be praised.

A to-do list before you die? You know, there's a series of rather morbidly titles books called something like '1000 great ... to see' before you die'! Can you believe that?!

I have lazy days, just like everyone, of course. I have plenty of days where I've seriously pissed someone off. And I have unproductive days where I don't feel satisfied with myself at all.

But above all I try to produce, and create, as continuously and as well as possible. I try to limit myself to two or three domains or I'll never get any good at any of them - one of my long-running struggles, that one! And when someone gives me some feedback, like you just have (can you feel the tears welling up now..?), you guessed it, it makes it all worthwhile - thanks :-)

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