Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Scarred To Death'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Scarred To Death ~

Scarred To Death, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

My childhood scar was itching furiously as the attic door creaked open. And there they were.

In the slender rays seeping through the grimy skylight: five generations of skulls... of Wills.

I scraped at my brow.

From old granny Will top left to the one nearest.

With the scarred forehead...

© 2011
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Marilyn said...

Should submit your short-short story to Susie's No Damn Blog'.

Sab said...

Mais, chère Marilyn... That's what inspired me to write it like that - 50 words exactly: count 'em! :-D

Claudia Carroll said...

Sab: You've inspired me: Here's my 50 word flash poem:

10 little skulls wait in a row
lined up in the wings for a minstral show
reminding me, with their hard, empty heads
life best be gained not sulking in bed
so wake up dear brain while you have time
and write me a mystery to go with this crime.

Sab said...

Hi Claudia - that's great. Poetry from you... what more could one want?! ~ :-S

Claudia Carroll said...

Well, have always LOVED your photog; and your current game is fun, allows me to pretend I'm in Paris anyway!

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