Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Bruce Man Rising'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Bruce Man Rising ~

Bruce Rising, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Ahh, there's nothing like getting up nice and early (not always easy, I know), grabbing your camera, and heading down to the banks of the Seine to catch a glorious Brucerise over one of the world's most famous rivers.

And as you can see this is nothing like a glorious Brucerise over one of...etc. That's because I completely mistimed it. I mean utterly.

Even though I'd gotten up at some ridiculous hour and had been waiting for what seemed like a million Earth rotations, I unlucked out. Maybe it was the season. Or simply my brain. But old Brucy took it into his head to rise slowly (and nontheless impressively) in front of a Paris brick wall!

He even rubbed salt into my bleary eyes by ironically choosing a road named after a bridge which doesn't even exist - not this side of the Alps anyway...

Oh well, what can you do? There's no arguing with The Brucefather after all; well, I wouldn't want to anyway, not when he's got that sort of expression on his face. It could have been an uglier wall I guess. Or a prettier one, admittedly.

I asked him if there was any reason for screwing up my Seinrise quite so completely, but he remained stoic and uttered... not a word. It was as though I was talking to a cardboard cutout or something. So I quickly grabbed a nearby violin and peeeeed in it. Don't ask me why. It must be a French thing.

Thanks for nothing, Brucy. I'll make sure I'm pointing my lens in the opposite direction next time you come begging me for a publicity shot to revive your sinking career, so brood on that, baby! Have a nice day.

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