Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Paris and I ~ 'A Comedy of Errers'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ A Comedy of Errers ~

A Comedy of Errers, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Stations have to be the ultimate human-watching arena. Souls are in a state of flux, humanity ebbing and flowing. Emotions are carried and worn like the heavy suitcases and overcoats they drag across the concourse because travelling involves waiting, leaving and arriving, which stimulates a vast range of conflicting reactions. And also because they think that no-one is watching and that no-one cares what they are showing.

Travelling also involves rushing, crying, laughing, panicking, eating, searching, scrabbling and despairing. Any number of weird human emotions which look all the more ridiculous if you turn the virtual sound down and capture in an instant. Try watching dancers with the volume off and you'll see just how silly humans can be. Which is why I don't dance.

Instead, I raise a little metal box to my eye, peer through a little hole and press a little black button. Opposite me as I do this there is often seemingly nothing much going on. Yet still I raise, peer and press, raise, peer and press, as though my very existence depended upon those three actions.

If you turned the sound down on me and watched this process as a silent movie, you'd probably have little difficulty in ticking me off as a compulsive-impulsive loony. It would probably be quite funny to watch. A comedy. The little black box man running after the big black bag draggers, all recorded for posterity by... another little black box person. Do you ever wonder if somewhere along the line we're getting things marvellously, glorously, spectacularly wrong? A human comedy indeed.

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