Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Contrast, All Is Contrast'

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~ Contrast, All Is Contrast ~

Wonderful discovery yesterday. Well no 'discovery' as such, but still something I really should do more of. Skip just a few metres off the usual tourist track and see what turns up.

In this case, I'm... can you guess? I'm at Palais Royal, just the other side of it. If you looked through those windows you might be able to see the lovely gardens... or not, as they're doing a major renovation project which will end up by making it look lovely afterwards no doubt, but right now makes it look horrendous.

Strange phenomena occur in the shady circumstances of redressing the past. I take it that the building on the right is being done up, although there isn't actually any scaffolding or anything to indicate this. It's quite shocking in a way. It looks like something from Silence of the Lambs where Hannibal Lecter rips people's faces right off (and eats them). The facade on the left is cruelly pristine, making the dreadful appearance of its neighbour all the more horrifying.

Where the orange-windowed edifice sports elegant mouldings, the disintegrating dungeon next to it has a gaping slash where we can see the iron beam glowering out from across the top of the window frame. It's as though its bones were showing through its disolving flesh which seems to be suffering a Daliesque acid attack and is slowly but surely melting down to finish as a grizzly puddle of grime on the pavement at my feet.

And all because I decided to walk around the Palais Royal instead of through it. That little street, rue de Montpensier, is well worth a stroll if you're the off-the-beaten-track type - there's plenty of gems to discover - many rough cut - let me know what you find. (I was reminded of this old poem...)

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Rob said...

I remain undecided. I can not decide which I enjoy more; the clean and pristine architecture, or the gritty historic architecture. Both photogenic in their own right.

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