Monday, 7 March 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Grim And Bear It'

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~ Grim And Bear It ~

Grim And Bear It, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

I never tire of rounding the corner of rue Saint-Vincent into rue de la Bonne, checking to see if another of Gregos' plaster faces has reappeared to cheer up that sadly empty little alcove (not yet) and seeing Sacré Coeur's magnificently grimy backside, if I may put it thus, mooning me in all its glory.

For a basilica barely a century old, this flagrant folly of Christendom is bristling with gothic gargoyles and, round the back at least, has done its best to cloak its youth in a very respectable layer of grot and grime. Which makes for far more interesting photos than the classic but oh-so cliched south-facing facade.

Gargoyles would merit being the subject of an entire book, and luckily Paris is a fine place to be for those of us who are rather fond of these fearsome demon-perturbers stroke drainpipes. A formidable functionality, both architecturally and for our soul-saving needs, a characteristic sadly lacking from most modern constructions. Bring back our grimacing grey little friends, I say, and flush your foibles away.

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