Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Post-Industrial Revolution'

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~ Post-Industrial Revolution ~

Industrial Revolution, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

And here we are on the outskirts of Paris, as seen from the RER Line DD (for Dangerously Dodgy), a twilight zone of abandoned factories and processing plants, inhabited by shady itinerant types and graffiti gringos...

Here you can see one of the old coal processing plants with the typical conveyor belts high up between the installations presenting a particularly dehumanised silhouette against the suburban skyline.

No, I'm kidding, it's the Louvre. Look, you can see the last remaining vestiges of it on the right, just opposite the Pont des Arts, before it gets swallowed up by corrugated iron and scaffolding. Funny isn't it how classical French architectural elegance has become a complete industrial eyesore, and nature has been relegated to an ironic image on a poster.

On a related topic, I almost considered actually going into the Louvre last week, which would have been the first time in about 15 years or more. Although the streets are my playground, I'm becoming aware of some serious gaps in my knowledge of the city, in my kultcha, quoi, and I think a trip or two into the hallowed realms of the glass pyramid and beyond will be called for soon.

I'm particularly interested in the remains of the old Louvre fortress, probably more than fancy chairs and antique clocks and wall-hangings, as I explained recently on this blog. I'd even enjoy getting inside that under-renovation south wing more than looking for armless wonders and mildly amused Japanese-encrusted icons. I'll keep you posted.

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