Thursday, 3 March 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Locked Into Reality'

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~ Locked Into Reality ~

Locked In To Reality, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Life is made up, or so we would like to think, of moments of time, during which nothing much seems to change; a single 'activity' seems to be 'taking place'.

These mysterious 'moments' may occupy a fair chunk of the day and be considered pleasurable and desired, like watching a film. They may be purely functional (and possibly pleasurable or satisfying), such as going to the toilet or getting the ironing done. Or they may, when all's said and done, be considered a pure and unadulterated waste of time, like waiting for a train to enter a station and liberate the door's automatic locking system.

What could be a bigger misuse of the precious and fleeting moments of our lives than staring at a train's door-locking system?

But is that the right way of looking at things? Is it really for our circumstances to decide which moments, or chunks of our lives are to be considered worthwhile, and which useless?

Having said that, don't we all need some down time, where we quite consciously decide to do a big fat lot of nothing much at all?

The crux, and the irony of things is, though, that we tend to spend most of our imposed and unplanned 'down time', such as a train delay, feeling bitter and rueful, regretting all the 'quality time' we are losing. And we spend a lot of the time we are doing things we have supposedly elected to do using free will dreaming about our next slot of down time.

And when the long-awaited down-time finally comes, we spend most of it regretting the past, worrying about the future, or agonising over the rapidly diminishing down time slot we are currently living before our wonderful bloody busy, self-chosen tiring 'real-life' kicks in again.

It makes you wonder, doesn't it? And so I proudly present you with a stolen moment of some imposed down time I lived recently. I'd like to introduce you to the door-locking mechanism of a name- (but probably not number-) less carriage of a Line 5 metro, somewhere over the Seine just about to be swallowed up by the gaping aerial entrance to Austerlitz train station.

Looking back, I realise it's the only moment I can actually remember from the whole day.

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