Monday, 14 March 2011

Paris and I ~ 'More Pi Dear?'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ More Pi Dear? ~

More Pi Dear?, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Among the truly vast amount of utterly useless information you can get the internet to throw at you if you really want it to, is the 'fact' that today is, apparently, an unofficial holiday held to celebrate 'pi', as today's date (14th March) in some formats, and the first three digits of the famous mathematical constant are, if you will, the same. Whoopee! I'll bring the crackers if you bring the nutters...

And what, you may be asking, has that got to do with today's Paris iPhone Photo of the Day? Err, nothing.

I'm allowed the occasional break from biting social commentary and miserable word images once in a while, aren't I? I mean amn't I. (Ain't I?) Am I not? :-D

Although, now I come to mention it, the archway of the entrance to RER line B and C which has probably my favourite version of the letters 'RER' and 'B' and 'C' in their cute little circles over it does look rather like the symbol pi, doesn't it. Hey! Circles. There you go again. This thing is coming together rather nicely in a kinda soft and mushy gestalt moment... what's going on?!

Talking of mushy pies, the French do eat them actually - they have a day which I think is the 6th of January when everyone goes round to each other's place and tries not to be the one who breaks their teeth on the cleverly concealed little china character hidden within. He (or she) who gets it is the loser, obviously, unless a dentist, in which case they're always lucky.

If you too would like to fill your head with useless nonsense you could do worse than to sign up for Qwiki's daily e-mail. Whence the above gem, with that weird ro-bot wo-man informing us of all the upcoming days with some extremely tenuous links to this wonderful number. We also learn about a lunatic called Daniel Tammet who recited 22,514 decimal digits of pi on... (did you guess?) Pi Day in 2004.

She saves the best for last though, managing to keep a straight voice (well, she is a computer) whilst telling us that Pi day is often celebrated with pies, "given that pi and pie are homophones".

Phew, thank Pi she gave us that last explanation, or I would have had REAL difficulty working that one out. So what was pi again? 1.43..? No no, that's not it, hang on. Oh, I know: 4.13.. NO! Wait...

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Rob said...

A, B, C's and 1, 2, 3's. Pi will lead us up. To where? It would appear Notre Dame circled by the river. Well, surrounded anyway. Too many digits in Pi. All I need are my 10 digits to divulge into pi. Make mine blueberry with a side of vanilla ice cream if you please.


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