Saturday, 5 March 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Munch As It Hurts Me To Say This...'

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~ Munch As It Hurts Me To Say This... ~

OK, I give in. I know when I'm beaten and I know how to capitulate honourably. Pride is seldom a productive emotion.

Let's do macarons. There's no point trying to fight them any more.

They are Everywhere. They are Coming. They are Here.

I'm innocently looking for an enigmatic 16th century inscription in the 5th: what do I find? A macaroon shop where the wall of an 'ancient cabaret' is supposed to be.

I'm perusing a website which asked me to supply a regular piece: what do I see? A conspiratorially grinning contributor slap-bang next to a thundering-thigh-sized word at the base of a window stuffed with the round squishy things, and that word begins with 'M'...

I'm setting up a charity event and one of my main blogging buddies offers a prize of... homemade macarons as her contribution.

I'm writing a review of a Paris poetry book by Suzanne Burns, and the author's a total macaroon freak. Their even have their own poems, look:
The pert Clara Bow pout of my mouth
sank into macarons
the way teeth might sink into flesh
this is not a guess.
(from 'Angeline's Patisserie at 28 rue Vignon')
Or what about one called 'Immortality in Two Bites', which starts:
Yesterday I baked macarons
to bring the city back.
Honestly, my pride is well and truly swallowed, in anticipation of my first mararoon in 15 years (although my partner informs me that I stole a whole bunch of hers just a while back - my memory's gone blank), and it had better be good. Any volunteers to make sure my experience is a life-changing one?

Well, whilst waiting for this momentous occasion I shall content myself with presenting my new spring collection (above) of colour-coded macaroon pictures to suit any handbag, hair ribbon or high-heeled Yeti gumboot, power nosering or anything else that might be in fashion at the time of reading.

Lemon yellow or raspberry red; peevish purple or froggy green; svelt silver or baguette brown... the choice is yours.

Feel free to admire them appreciatively whilst wearing the matching Paris attire you feel most 'you' in and, of course, why not, as you sink your teeth into one of the little rainbow nuggets themselves. Go on, you have my blessing - what are you weighting for?
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Marilyn said...

Oh me gawd! Macaroons! I *love* them ....

Sab said...

Well, you're not the only one Marilyn, that's for sure!

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