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Paris and I ~ 'Wishful Thinking'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Wishful Thinking ~

Wishful Thinking, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

This is a self-portrait, and so should really appear here, which it will in due course, but it was also taken in one of the high temples of Paris photography, the Maison Européenne de la Photographie no less, oh yes.

There you can generally see between three to five very interesting exhibitions and may well be tempted, as in any self-respecting modern art museum, to remark loudly to yourself well within earshot of anyone who happens to be passing 'Reminds me of my formative years', or 'Hopelessly naive, but not totally without merit', and of course the classic 'My three-year-old could do better than that with her eyes closed'...

One doesn't do the above, obviously, in proper art galleries, especially if you wish to be taken the slightest bit seriously by the owner, along with asking the price (indicates you need to) and asking for a discount (indicates utter lack of class).

The latter can be done, certainly, just not like that. Anyway, I'm getting of topic. here's me (can you guess which one?) in this venerable place, grudgingly admiring or mentally ripping to pieces pictures of bleary prostitutes or wasting aids victims or self-harmers or whatever other delicate themes they've chosen this time.

It's not always that bleak and at least one of the exhibitions should give you some sort of light relief from the grinding grief, but there is a certain leaning towards the tragic...

If anything, it's good to expose yourself to the work of others from time to time I think, but the danger, as an artist, is that you end up spending too much time 'absorbing' their efforts which gives you less time for your own. This means you produce less yourself, adding to the disheartening fact that others are having exhibitions and you're not, which affects your productivity even more...

So all that to say that I hardly ever go to exhibitions even if I love them when I do. Am I satisfied with what I'm producing myself? Of course not. You can't win!

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