Friday, 29 April 2011

Paris and I ~ 'Bucolic Bounty Hunting'

iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Bucolic Bounty Hunting ~

Bucolic Bounty Hunting, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

Where can we be, you ask yourself, in some secret somnolent backwater of rambling rural France?

No! We're in some secret somnolent backwater of perambulating mural Paris...

For the first time in 20-odd (very odd) years I find myself at the legendary Jim Haynes place, and this is his next door neighbour. I'm not preserving Jim's privacy or anything (50 strangers to dinner every Sunday evening for the last 30 years is hardly the lifestyle of a raving recluse) and I'll be doing a bit of a feature on him on Paris If You Please shortly.

No, it's just that I'll be saving up a couple of pics for that actual piece, and pictures of people mingling is not quite what Paris and I is about.

It looks like an artist's place as the walls are lines with pictures, but then again maybe it's just an art lover's retreat, and this place is a real retreat and a real discovering. You make your way through a big green gate and find yourself in... another time almost more than another place. Jim shouts at anyone who's just arrived to stop standing there like an idiot and say hello to people and the evening's off to a good start.

So, another surprise for me yesterday and a pleasingly subtle insertion into yet another aspect of authentic Paris life, and one that's surprisingly open to anyone. Check it out!

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